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Revised 2014-09-25

Court Martials
Resulting from Bounty Mutiny

[These are the full and complete transcripts, from the originals held at The National Archives, Kew, U.K.]

(All four courts-martial are available in a single ebook on Amazon (US), Amazon (UK).)

William Bligh
and others for the loss of the Bounty

Bligh's Letter from Coupang
Testimony and Conclusion

William Purcell
on Bligh's charges of insolence, etc.

Bligh Letter of Charges
George Simpson Testimony
John Samuel Testimony
Thomas Hayward Testimony
John Fryer Testimony
William Purcell Defense and Conclusion

Edward Edwards
and others for the loss of the Pandora

Court Martial

Peter Heywood, James Morrison, Charles Norman, Joseph Coleman, Thomas Ellison, Thomas M'Intosh, Thomas Burkitt, John Millward, William Muspratt, and Michael Byrn
for Mutiny and Desertion

(Available as an ebook on Amazon (US) Amazon (UK).)


The Prosecution

John Fryer, Master of the Bounty (9/12/1792)
William Cole, Boatswain of the Bounty (9/12-13/1792)
William Peckover, Gunner of the Bounty (9/13/1792)
William Purcell, Carpenter of the Bounty (9/13/1792)
Lt. Thomas Hayward, Midshipman of the Bounty (9/14/1792)
Lt. John Hallett, Midshipman of the Bounty (9/14/1792)
John Smith, Seaman of the Bounty (9/14/1792)
Captain Edward Edwards, Captain of the Pandora (9/14/1792)
Lt. John Larkin, First Lieutenant of the Pandora (9/14/1792)
Lt. Robert Corner, 2nd Lieutenant of the Pandora (9/14/1792)

The Defense

Joseph Coleman, Armourer of the Bounty (9/15/1792)
Peter Heywood, Midshipman of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
Michael Byrn, Seaman (Fiddler) of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
James Morrison, Boatswain's Mate of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
Charles Norman, Carpenter's Mate of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
Thomas Ellison, Seaman of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
Thomas McIntosh, Carpenter's Mate of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
William Muspratt, Seaman (Tailor & Assistant to the Cook) of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
Thomas Burkett, Seaman of the Bounty (9/17/1792)
John Millward, Seaman of the Bounty (9/17/1792)

The Verdict

The Judgment of the Court (9/18/1792)

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