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Fateful Voyage

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Revised 2011-06-29

George Tobin's Narrative of the Voyage
of the Providence and Assistant 1791-1793

Transcribed from images of the original, held at the State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia.


Inserts at the front of the volume.

Chapter 1

From Tobin's Appointment to the arrival at the Cape of Good Hope.

Chapter 2

Stay at the Cape of Good Hope.

Chapter 3

From departure Cape of Good Hope to Adventure Bay to discovery of Tematagi Atoll, April 5, 1792.

Chapter 4

From arrival at Tahiti, to April 25, 1792.

Chapter 5

At Tahiti through May 20, 1792.

Chapter 6

At Tahiti through departure July 19, 1792.

Chapter 7

Observations on the people and customs of Tahiti.

Chapter 8

From Tahiti to the eastern side of Torres Straits.

Chapter 9

From arrival at Coupang, Timor, to end of voyage in England.

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