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Fateful Voyage

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Revised 2015-09-07

James Morrison
Boatswain's Mate, HMAV Bounty

Report on James Morrison's Examination for Master Gunner
Morrison Letter to Rev. William Howell, Oct 25, 1792
Memorandum and Particulars respecting the Bounty and her Crew

James Morrison's Journal

Transcribed from images of the handwritten original
held by the State Library of New South Wales

The complete Journal is available as an ebook on Amazon (US) Amazon (UK).

The Voyage to Tahiti
The Breadfruit Mission
Departure and Mutiny
The Mutineers on the Bounty
Morrison on Tubuai and the Tubuaians
The Mutineers on Tahiti - Part 1
The Mutineers on Tahiti - Part 2
The Pandora

Sep 12, 1792

On the 12th of September our tryal commenced on board His Majestys Ship Duke in Portsmouth Harbour and to the Minutes of the Court Martial I refer the reader for a more particular account of that Transaction. Mean while I shall endeavour to give some account of the Island of Taheite or King Georges Island and of the Manners and Customs of the Society Isles in General with an account of their Language such as I was able to procure during my stay on shore there of Nineteen Months, exclusive of Near five Months which elapsed while the Bounty lay there under Lieutenant Blighs Command and five Months More which we expended after the Taking of the Ship before we landed most part of which time We were conversant with the Natives.

On Tahiti and the Tahitians

Situation & Extent; Face of ye Country; Air & Climate
Soil & Produce; Roots
Birds &c.; Fish & Fisheries
Minerals; Manufactures & Traffic
Division, Government &c.
Religious & Other Customs
Dress &c.
Exercises & Diversions

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