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Revised 2015-09-10

Bounty Logbook

Transcribed from the original held at the National Archives, United Kingdom.

Bounty Logbook

Transcribed from Bligh's personal logbook held at the State Library of New South Wales.

Bligh's Resource Logbook

Bligh's Vlydt Journal


The above three logbooks are available in one ebook,
remarks versions without maps, at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon AU

The following contain only the remarks with expanded abbreviations and maps.

The first uses Ajax and Google Earth maps, but requires the Google Earth Plugin.
(If you do not have the plugin, the first page that requires it
will ask if you want to install it.)
(Google is discontinuing support for the Earth plugin. They give a date for the end of 2016, but the plugin has already stopped working on both my browsers. So, I'll be removing the Earth version soon.)

Bounty Logbook Remarks, Google Earth

The second is the same, except it uses regular pages and Google Maps
which require no plugin.

Bounty Logbook Remarks, Google Maps