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Revised 2015-09-10

Heywood Manuscript Letters

"The Heywood Manuscript is a collection of handwritten copies of letters and poems of the Heywood family, and letters from their relatives and friends, which was completed in 1798, and to which some explanatory passages have been added. Most of the letters and poems are by Nessy and Peter Heywood, and it may be that the transcription and reproduction of their correspondence and poetry was instigated by Peter as a lasting monument to his sister Nessy, who died so young, and who had devoted herself with indefatigatible energy to him and his release when he was imprisoned on HMS Hector and awaiting his court-martial in connection with the Mutiny on the Bounty." -- Wikipedia

The poetry is not included here, except if referenced in a letter; then is included with that letter. The letters are numbered and ordered as they appear in the manuscript, including some already appearing on the site – these should be considered the more complete. There are 118 numbered letters (two are numbered 34), some remarks by the compiler, Mary Heywood, Peter Heywood's remarks on the evidence at trial (already on the site,) "the defence of Peter Heywood after the trial," and "words spoken by Mr. Peter Heywood to Captain Montagu after he had read him his Majesty's unconditional pardon October 27th 1792."

Following these letters concerning Peter Heywood, there are letters and poetry in memory of Nessy Heywood, who died 11 months after the conclusion of the trial, not included here.

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The Court-martial sat from Wednesday the 12th, through Monday the 17th, and the verdict was handed down Tuesday the 18th, September 1792

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